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Full Service Includes:

FULL Same Day Lice Removal

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2 FREE Follow-Up Appointments

Home Cleaning Instructions

FREE Ongoing Support

Peace Of Mind

With the evolved “Super Lice” upon us, having now spread to 48 states including NY, more and more are in need of effective help in battling head lice. We offer complete peace of mind by using a trained hand and eye, and only safe, non-toxic products. Become totally lice free in only one day. Get the kids back to school and you back to work with peace, TODAY, Guaranteed.

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Why The Lice Chicks?

Studies show many families suffer with head lice for 3-6 months! After trying OTC products, doctors visits, gadgets, professional hot air devices, flimsy combs, supposed internet miracles, natural home remedies, and finally prescription strength pesticides. 

The evidence is that no lice treatment works but natural enzymes, combing, and manual nit removal. If you don’t know how to effectively comb, know what you’re looking for, have the right tools and all natural treatment products, are going to worry about your effectiveness, or about the correct method of home cleaning, and/or the kids won’t sit for you...that’s where we can help!       


The Lice Chicks are experts, certified and trained in the Shepherd Method; the highest standard in the industry.  Hot air machines, pesticides, and combs alone are not effective. Our proven strand-by-strand, thorough approach will leave you completely lice and nit free in one sitting, guaranteed. Employing The Shepherd Method ensures you have the best head lice treatment available at an affordable price. So affordable, our services may be covered by your medical insurance policy, and we are FSA, HRA, and HSA account APPROVED! Read the reviews and see why we are your local premier head lice removal clinic.

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The Lice Chicks are a lifesaver! They are accommodating and understanding - but most of all incredibly thorough and effective.
— Anne D