About Us

Are you now sitting on a mountain of Rid and Nix boxes, praying to the louse Gods, contemplating a new bald look, and scouring the internet for alternative, effective lice removal solutions? BEEN THERE! DONE THAT! This was very much what it looked like as I, Jennifer Kilduff, founder & owner of The Lice Chicks, Inc., was having my own lice battle in my family. I was looking for something that would finally work, but also be safe and non-toxic. I was lucky enough to find a lice treatment service in a desperate panic to rid my family of our unwanted louse guests. Finally help, professional lice treatment not only solved our problem, but gave such a sense of relief; people who could answer my questions, and put me at ease. Having been in the health care field for over 25 years, working closely with others of all types and ages, being detail oriented, and loving helping others, I found a niche in head lice removal.  I was trained and certified by world renowned head lice expert Katie Shepherd at the Shepherd Institute because I too wanted to bring that sense of relief to other families in need.

Together, with Shepherd graduate Jennifer Criniti, who is also a licensed cosmetologist with many years experience caring for children, the elderly, and the mentally disabled, as well as about 400 other Shepherd Institute trained technicians around the world, are reaching out a helping hand. We are the educators, the ones starting the conversation in an effort to bring down the social stigma that comes along with head lice in our society, so head lice battles and suffering can end for those of all ages, especially children. Together we strongly believe no one has to fight this battle alone. We offer not only experience, but also support, guidance, and education so you and your family can become and remain lice free. 

— juliet p.