Treatment Instructions

Before Your Visit

  • Wash your hair the night before if you have been home treating

  • Do not self treat with Rid or Nix If possible. This can actually make it more difficult to remove the nits.

  • Do not use hair spray, gel, mouse or anything else on the hair.

  • Hair needs to be DRY when you arrive.

  • VERY IMPORTANT – Brush or comb your hair free of tangles before arriving.

  • Bring a clean shirt and/or jacket to wear home

  • We make every effort to ensure a pleasant kid friendly environment. We have a play area and televisions. If you prefer you could bring their favorite toy, device, or book along with you. Free wifi available.

  • Consider bringing your own snacks and drinks for you and your child. We are a peanut free facility and we do offer snacks and drinks for purchase for your convenience.

  • Bring along all immediate family members so everyone can be checked. This helps minimize the odds of reinfestation and for our guarantee.

  • DON'T STRESS OVER THE CLEANING. We will guide you through some safe and effective means of cleaning. Cleaning needs to be done AFTER treatment.

During Your Visit

  • Once you arrive, you will be welcomed by the lice chicks with open arms and understanding. You can relax, enjoy a drink or snack, play, read a book, or watch a movie.

  • lf you haven't previously visited us, you will be asked to fill out our confidential client information form. Once the form is completed, a technician will bring you and your family to our treatment room. Children can watch a movie. Siblings can play in our play area.

  • lf there is a lice outbreak at your school, expect to wait if you haven't made an appointment.

  • Technicians will apply safe products and thoroughly comb the hair to remove all lice and nits. Second phase of treatment involves our certified method of "Strand By Strand" lice & nit removal where we check the hair in paper thin layers for anything left behind during combing to ensure you leave our facility totally lice free. Third phase of treatment is applying a safe, non-toxic treatment to the hair to be rinsed out at home. Treatment process should take about two hours depending on the cooperation, length and thickness of hair, how tangled the hair is, and amount of infestation. For boys treatment time is considerably less.

  • A technician will check to see if any other immediate family member has lice. Only if lice or nits are found is treatment recommended. Even a person with very short hair should be checked. Time permitting, if lice or nits are found on other family members, we will treat immediately.

  • For the comfort of all clients, children under the age of 5 are not to be left in the waiting area without the care of a parent or guardian. Also for the safety of all, please do not allow your children to be laying or playing around the marked treatment area while we are treating clients.

  • Schedule your 2 FREE rechecks. It is mandatory that you follow through with your rechecks with in a 2 week period to ensure that you have not been re-infested due to repeated contact with lice, and for our lice-free guarantee. Treatment is not considered complete without rechecks. (Exception, if your lice tech releases you after 1 recheck)

  • Educate yourself while you are here. We have plenty of reading material, and are always willing to answer any questions you may have. Education is the best way to prevent future re-occurrences.

After Your Visit

  • Take a sigh of relief knowing you made the safest, most effective decision for you and your family.

  • "Be a friend, tell a friend" don't let the fear of social stigma keep you from communicating with those in contact with your family that you have battled an infestation. Someone shared lice with you, and you may have shared lice with others. Those around you need to be aware of either of these possibilities or you may be subjecting yourself to recurring infestations.

  • Clean the home. After your treatment, we will provide you with thorough, fast, safe, simple and effective means of cleaning that will have your home lice free. We will have you feeling completely in control of this stressful situation.

  • Depending on severity, after care may be recommended. Comb with The Lice chicks Terminator Comb (which you can purchase at a discount), only 3-5 minutes a day between recheck appointments to ensure success & that you remain lice free. This is also recommended periodically as a preventative and for monitoring for future infestations. Most families have an outbreak more than once.

  • Purchase products. The Lice Chicks offer a full line of advanced lice prevention products to be used post treatment so you can remain lice free. These optional products should be used in conjunction with weekly monitoring combing. Available In salon or online through our products page. At a minimum you should have a lice comb, mint based shampoo & conditioner, and mint spray on hand at home as we dont know who in your circle has lice. Avoid re-infestation..

  • "Take a peek once a week". Monitoring is imperative. Outbreaks get out of hand quickly.

  • Refer! If you know anyone who may need our help we appreciate personal recommendations. It is important for our guarantee, and to keeping your home louse free, to have all immediate family members in the home head checked to avoid subsequent infestations. Don't forget grandparents, the housekeeper, and the babysitter! ANYONE having close, regular contact.

  • IF you get a heads up from school or a friend you may have been exposed to lice make an appointment for a head check immediately. Catch a new infestation early. Before you notice it at home most likely it has spread to other family members. Best case scenario - peace of mind!

  • Call anytime. All our treatments include ongoing support if needed on our hotline or email