Maura F.  2/2017

Nothing worse then finding lice on your child, especially on a holiday and they were open. The lice chicks were unbelievable. So accommodating, so informative, so meticulous and so kind. I am so happy I found them and our family can't thank them enough!!!

Kristen M.  1/2017

If you have ever had to deal with lice, you know it is a very stressful experience. We discovered that our daughter had it at about 4pm during the holiday week. I remembered a friend telling me a new lice place had opened near us so I quickly looked it up and called. Jennifer told me to come right in and we headed straight there. She was so friendly and made a really unpleasant situation seem not so bad! She was very thorough and we left lice free! She even had snacks for the kids and television for them to watch! follow-up checks are included. Believe me when I tell you the peace of mind is worth every penny. They use all natural products and give you detailed instructions to follow at home. I highly recommend the Lice Chicks even if I hope to never have to go there again!

Fran P. 10/2017

I originally thought we had caught my daughter's lice early, so I treated her on my own and thought I did such a thorough job....after all, I thought I was super mom and could handle it.   Little did I realize, I was not good enough, which was a let down.  I should have called the lice chicks the minute we knew.  It was worth the money to have the professionals rid us of this unnecessary angst.  Jennifer was welcoming and personable while treating us with loving care!

Amy D. 7/2019

Jennifer was AMAZING! I went from panic to calm in no time! She was thorough and was able to teach me so much about it!! I highly recommend Lice Chicks. Kept my kids entertained the whole time too.

Juliet P.  2/2017

The Lice Chicks are fantastic! I was so upset when I found out my daughter caught lice! I knew nothing about it. Jennifer took us the same day for treatment, and my daughter was allowed to return to school the next day with a note from the them. The salon where they do the treatment is wonderful and very kid friendly. They were patient, kind, caring and made my daughter feel very comfortable. They are professional and know exactly what they're doing! We received two rechecks after the initial treatment. I would recommend them to anyone. They made an uncomfortable situation feel like a piece of cake!

Marisa D.  5/2017

Thank goodness for The Lice Chicks! When we found lice in my daughter's hair, I couldn't help but panic. Jennifer was wonderful and did a thorough job on my daughter's hair. She was knowledgeable and gave me accurate information to help us stay lice free! I highly recommend their services!

Susan K. 7/2017

Jennifer and Jennifer are fabulous!!! Super friendly and kind during a time of lingering frustration. After 3 months of battling lice on my own I finally called them and we were lice free after 1 visit!! I love that they do rechecks included in the price. This reassured me that the buggers were gone. I also feel more confident in my ability to check my girl's hair and preventative measures to take.

Sandra I. 5/2017

I called this morning and they took my daughter right away. They got every nit and bug and were great! I was concerned and asked to bring my other daughter to be checked and she needed treatment as well. They did it all in one day. What a relief and close to home! I highly recommend the lice chicks!

Tracey Z. 6/2017

Wish I could give more stars! They were so amazing and made my daughter feel so comfortable. Finally at ease and bug free, just wish I hadn't waited so long!

Marie C. 12/2018

Thank God for this place! They got it all the first visit and my daughters have very thick hair... then they check 2 more times to be sure there is nothing left on their heads! These ladies are 2 of the nicest people I have met.. thank you so much!

Meredith G. 1/2019

Jennifer was a complete lifesaver! Not only did she treat my daughters, but she provided me with so much information and reassurance. I feel much better equipped to handle this situation should it happen again!!!

Anne D. 3/2017

Most families with kids will deal with this issue at some point and when you inevitably do, the Lice Chicks are a lifesaver! They are accommodating and understanding - but most of all, incredibly thorough and effective!!! There are no short-cuts or substitutions. Can't recommend them more highly.

Joe G. 3/2017

Though not a service you find yourself wanting, these two wonderful woman do it well. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours there (depending on hair length), because they are very thorough. They literally go through each hair to ensure that there is nothing left behind. They also include follow up visits to ensure that there are no new surprises later. These additional visits are included in the initial price. It was worth every penny and I would absolutely use them again, but I hope I don't need to.

Mike M. 6/2017

I can't thank the lice Chicks enough for the service they provide . But more importantly the kindness , caring and professionalism they treated my daughter with. She felt like she was in a beauty salon instead of getting treated for lice . if I could give the lice Chicks a higher rating I would.

Tamara C. 7/2017

As someone said earlier this is not a review you WANT to write. With that being said I couldn't ask for a better experience. Jenn was professional and thorough. I was confident that all of the lice/nits were out of my daughter's hair after two hours of strand by strand treatment. It was also very reassuring when there were two re-checks included in the price. Jenn was great to work with and I highly recommend this service.

Patricia P. 9/2017

After trying over the counter lice removal products and still pulling out live bugs after the treatment I called Lice Chicks. They took us in the next morning and literally went through my child's hair strand by strand. I was confident we were lice free after that but the 2 included follow up visits provided extra piece of mind. We can't thank you both enough.

Haley P. 9/2017

Not all heroes wear capes...The Lice Chicks certainly don't. After calling them in a complete panic, they got my family of four in the same day for treatment. They were so patient, kind and meticulous. They answered all of my family's ridiculous questions and I left feeling empowered and absolutely certain that we had made the right decision to go to them in the first place.

Paula H. 11/2017

Professional, understanding, thorough, kind and knowledgeable. I was not prepared to tackle my daughter's lice, strategically or financially. I had no idea that many health insurance providers (including my own) cover much of the cost. Thanks, Lice Chicks, for helping me save money and relieve the stress!

Trey F. 12/2018

They are fantastic. They were very patient with our daughter and the treatment was completely effective. We recommend them highly.

Andrea G. 12/2018

The Lice Chicks were absolutely amazing! The incredibly thorough and meticulously approach they took was beyond expectations. My daughter was lice free after the first treatment a task that I could not have possibly completed! In addition we received two follow up checks to ensure there was no reoccurrence! We could not have been more pleased!! I highly recommend the Lice Chicks!!

Cassara C. 3/2018

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I can not say enough good things about this place! I called them a day after I found Lice in my Daughters Hair. My daughter has thin, somewhat wavy hair, Jenn saw her the same day, then she checked my hair (very thick and curly), and I had it too. I was panicked (never had lice in my life). Jenn quickly eased my worries, she took care of me and my daughter, gave us all the tips on how not to get lice again, and explained all the myths about lice. I then brought my 3 boys back and my husband to get checked as well! We all left Lice Free, same day, without using any harsh chemicals! Her Shop is clean, bright and welcoming. I would recommend Lice Chicks to everybody!

Stefanie T.  7/2018

The Lice Chicks are sweet, kind, patient and full of knowledge! It was such a benefit to experience their services. Highly recommended!!

Sue F. 12/2018

I could have not gotten through this without them. I would highly recommend using them. Worth every penny.

Daniela D. 3/2019

Jen is patient, thorough, and kind. She explains the process and gives you all the tools you need to stay lice free once you leave her nice and comfortable salon. She is quick to reply to emails and accommodating with scheduling. Our family really appreciate The Lice Chicks and highly recommend them!

Liz A. 3/2019

I cannot say enough good things about Jen and The Lice Chicks. I went from being absolutely distraught to leaving the salon feeling rest assured and most importantly lice free! Not only do you receive the treatment but an education on what you need to do to be on the "defense" going forward. Products were also phenomenal. Highly recommend getting the package with follow up head checks, gave me the level of comfort needed to ensure we continued to be lice free.

Christine S. 4/2019

No words to describe how much I appreciate this place. My daughter was away on vacation and I was called and told she had lice. I called them at 7pm at night in a panic. Jennifer told me to come down to check and see if I have it too. Well, of course I did and she treated me right then and there, AFTER CLOSING HOURS!! I left feeling so much better knowing I was treated. The best part is that it didn’t seem like just a job to her, she was actually happy to help me and really cared that I left treated and lice free. Nobody else I would ever recommend!!

Brook H. 7/2019

After a few hours of early morning panicking, I found The Lice Chicks online and got confirmation from a friend that they were the best. I used the contact us link and Jennifer called me right away. We scheduled a time to come to the salon that day. The family was lice free by the time we left. The treatment works and is guaranteed. There is product to purchase which is natural and smells delicious. Jennifer explained how to be proactive against another lice outbreak by checking heads regularly and using The Lice Chicks products and nit comb. She also convinced me I didn't have to burn down my home and provided great advice on how to treat our belongs if I was worried that the lice were living on my stuff.

Rachel K. 9/2019

I really can't say enough good things about Jennifer and The Lice Chicks. When my toddler son came home with lice I was totally freaked out, especially given the fact I also had a four week old. I found Jennifer through a quick Google search, and sent her a frantic late-night email. She responded right away, and we were in her salon the next day having the lice removed. Jennifer is so good at what she does-- and her salon is such a warm and welcoming place. Jennifer helped my family through a very stressful situation, and I can't recommend her enough.

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