Services & Rates



The Lice Chicks are available 365 days a year 9am to 6pm
Evening, Early Morning, Sundays, and Holiday hours available upon request and availability, at an additional cost.

*Evening rates apply for any treatment started after 6pm.

Cash, Debit/Credit, ApplePay, & FSA Cards Accepted

HRA, HSA, FSA Account Approved!

*Payment Plan Available

Head Checks

$25/ Camp Checks $20

If you suspect you have a head lice infestation we will perform a head check to see if any lice or nits exist.

A thorough inspection of the hair is performed including a full dry comb with a professional grade lice comb to ensure we don't miss a thing.
If found, evidence will be shown, and treatment will then be recommended.

*Head check fee waived with paid treatment.

        Head Check for immediate family members of anyone being treated - $10 Ea.- fee waived if treated


Let our certified techs take on the burden! You relax while we do all the work so you don't have to. The kids will be entertained with movies, snacks, games, and more. In no time everyone will be leaving lice free, happy, and relieved!

One nit or one louse is a problem and treatment is highly recommended. Our treatment process includes a full thorough comb out with a professional grade lice comb, followed by methodically examining the hair strand by strand to remove any lice or nits remaining after the comb out phase, and last, a non-toxic treatment shampoo is applied to be rinsed at home. All this is to ensure you leave our salon completely LICE FREE quickly and naturally

In Salon:

Full Lice Removal Treatment

Your "One & Done" Solution

Up To 1 Hour $89/ Up To 2 Hours $169

Complete lice and nit removal which includes full comb out and "Strand By Strand" check to make sure you leave our salon 100% lice free. This treatment option includes our 100% lice free guarantee and 2 FREE follow up appointments.  Treatment cost is based on time because it is more fair to you as opposed to flat rates. You will not pay for more than what you need. Most treatments last between 1 - 2 hours depending on length, thickness, level of infestation, and cooperation. If additional treatment time is required for heavier cases $20 will be charged for every 15 minutes over 2 hours. A consultation and estimate will be given at time of head check so there are no surprises.

Full Comb Out

Your "Head Start" Solution


This includes a full combing ONLY with treatment product applied afterwards. This is a great head start.  Cost includes up to one hour of treatment time with $20 charged every 15 minutes thereafter. Most treatments last 1 hour depending on length, thickness, level of infestation, and cooperation.  This is great for those who have some know how and confidence, and don't mind putting in some work, but would like to save.  With this option you will have to follow up at home with combings with the professional grade comb we will provide. This option does NOT include our lice free guarantee or follow up appointments. (Follow ups can be scheduled at the regular head check price of $25 if desired.)


 FREE professional grade nit comb (new clients, max 1 per household)

 FREE consultation on cleaning the home

 FREE ongoing support

NO New Client Fee Charged & NO Product Purchases Required For Success

Additional Options To Meet All Budgets Starting at only $24!

Insurance Codes & Forms Provided For Health Insurance Reimbursement

In Home:

Full Lice Removal Treatment $225

Our friendly experts come to you! We will perform our same treatment process in the comfort of your own home for your convenience and discretion. Complete lice and nit removal which includes our 100% lice free guarantee* and 2 FREE follow up appointments in salon only.

Includes all above. *Guaranteed only if rechecks are performed with in a two week period in salon.


In Home Lice Cleaning Services Available Upon Request

Professional, understanding, thorough, kind and knowledgeable. I was not prepared to tackle my daughter’s lice, strategically or financially. I had no idea that many health insurance providers (including my own) cover much of the cost. Thanks, Lice Chicks, for helping me save money and relieve the stress!
— paula h.

School & Daycare Screenings

Available Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings. Advance notice of 2 days preferred
Will travel within a 25 mile radius of Jefferson Valley.
Please contact for a quote

*Outside 10 mile radius – $25 trip charge

*Any daycare/preschool that refers a client who receives treatment will be offered a FREE head check of the class! Send those referrals!!

*Owners/Directors will receive 50% OFF their treatment if needed/ Teachers 25% OFF!

 Camp Screenings

For camps needing experts on hand to screen in coming campers.

Upon request and availability.
Will travel. Please inquire with a manager

Reduced Rates

10% discount for military

Insurance Info

Professional lice removal services may be covered by your health insurance plans, and we are HRA, FSA, and HSA account approved.
Generic insurance claim forms are printable from HERE and can be submitted by you.
We will provide the necessary codes on your invoice to get your services covered.
We encourage you check with your insurance provider for pre-approval.
If the service codes are needed for pre-approval, please email us on our contact page to request these.
Obtaining a doctors note will also help ensure coverage.